Facts about Diamond


How to order?

There are two ways to purchase from Diamond Electronic Drums: You buy products available to buy via the website or you can email your request direct to us and state what you need.  If you have decided to ask for a personal quotation, we then ask for a small deposit through Paypal (details will be supplied upon ordering), for other methods of payments please contact us.

From deposit, we then provide you with a build schedule estimate. Once the work is complete, we send you conformation and photographic evidence of completion.  We then ask you to pay the outstanding balance on the purchase. Shipping will then be arranged and tracking number provided.


How do we ship?

We use different couriers, DHL, UPS or TNT. All have a good track record. All items are packed well to ensure a safe arrival.
(Always remember to check if there are any import fees in your specific country, Diamond Electronic Drums are not responsible for any fees that may be incurred).


Do we offer warranties?

Yes all drums are covered with a 3 year warranty although problems are very rare. The warranty covers parts and labour but not shipping, there are no handling charges/fees.


How long do I wait for the drums?

This is a common question. As a custom builder it takes time to order in spares/hardware and build the drums by hand. Also there is a queue system. The average time can be up to 9 weeks depending on the size of the drum kit and requirments. Single snares will be faster depending on workload.


Do we sell spares/parts?

We do sell some parts and spares yes


Do we sell the drum triggers separately?

We are working on a drop in trigger system this year (end of 2015)



if you have any further questions you are welcome to phone or email during business hours.