Welcome to Diamond Electronic Drums

We began making and selling designer hand made electronic drum shell packs at the beginning of 2009, to push the boundaries of what an electronic drum can look like with some exciting customised options for all who seek a better looking, highly responsive electronic drum solution, versus the current limited options out there in stores. We have thousands of drums out there in service to drummers with great results.


  • Why choose us? simple …
    High quality expensive pro parts … (same as hi end custom acoustic drums)
    Unmatched reliabilty (our triggers just keep going for years)
    Fast response to enquiries
    6 year unblemished reputation (not a single bad review anywhere)
    Personal service “speak to a person” (email us through our contact page for fast resonse)

Our latest set models are fantastic (All hand made in England)

The new E Bop 4 piece from £1450
Colour options and styles to your taste (over 300 finishes)

Bop1 Bop2

New Jungle J 5 piece kit (99 colour choices) with all stands and cable pack included  (we take Paypal – please email through our “contact” page for prices)  …sizes – Snare 13 x 3.5 picollo – Toms 8×6″ 10×7″ 12×7″ Bass drum on Pearl stand 16×10″

J1J2J3 J4J7J8


New Diamond Liberator shell packs 99 exciting colours. Triple mesh heads, rim rubbers and 5 pack of cables included (We take Paypal – please email through our “contact” page for prices)

Oyster 1Oyster2oyster5


New model … The Diamond concert plus. 1 x snare, 4 toms on double stands and a bass drum from £1649, includes snare stand and cymbal arms from the tom stands…huge choice of colours

curly1 curly2 curly3 curly4 curly5 curly6

Designer snare drums (digital wraps and traditional colours) Triple mesh heads and designer lugs/hoops.
(We take Paypal – Please email through our “contact” page for prices)

Dave1cDia2 Dia3Dia6


Check our facebook page for latest work … we work to your budgets :-)

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