Welcome to Diamond Electronic Drums

As soon as you take your drum out of the box you can see, feel and even smell the quality! Our goal is not to be the cheapest but to be the best


You have arrived at the place where the beauty of acoustic drums meets the cutting edge technology of electronics giving drummers the possibility to have the look and feel of a designer acoustic drum with a near silent solution.

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We began making and selling electronic drums at the beginning of 2009 with just 1 mission, to push the boundaries of what an electronic drum can look like with some exciting new customised options for all e-drummers.

From exquisite wraps to lush real wood veneers added whilst in the mold
My simple Formula about what electronic drums should be keeps me at the top of the game.

The Diamond check list …
1) Solid birch shell
2) The best Delmar wraps
3) Expensive designer lugs
4) 2.3mm gauge hoops on every drum
5) Drum-tec design meshes at trade cost upgrade fee
6) Solid dependable trigger system, highly rated in Digital Drummer online mag

Choose a company who let the drums themselves do all the talking (check my feedback)

Check out the FAQ’s page to see exactly what we do


Kit for sale …
Diamond Electronic Drums bebop jazz style drum shell pack only. Reduced to £849.

Colour – Black diamond pearl with an overlay of white pearl stripe.
2.3mm hoops, maple bass hoops, Designer tube lugs worth £250.
Designer bass claws. Birch shells.

Drum-tec design performance mesh heads on snare and bass drum, rest are 3 ply UK branded.

Sizes are
Snare – 13 x 5
Tom1 – 8 x 5
Tom2 – 10 x 7
Floor tom on legs – 14 x 14
Bass drum – 18 x 12″

Clamps to fit industry standard L rods

2 zone drums and the amazing Diamond trigger system as featured in many drum forums and magazines
These drums work with all Roland modules, Alesis, 2 box and drum software as plug and play

Grab a bargain … Global shipping always possible
The kit is compact and transportable but fills a nice footprint for all your needs

Any questions just send an email via here … Paypal or bank transfer ok