Customer feedback

We have received fantastic feedback for nearly 7 years and now too many to list …





All the way to Bali and
what a fantastic
Diamond experience,
i am overwhelmed with
the sheer quality and performance…





Just a few email feedbacks received from my customers below for 2015

18th March

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for this looking forward to playing it. The Diamond I already have is brilliant.

I am over the moon with your product!!!




6th June

Hi Dave

What can I say Dave, you’re an artist!

The drum arrived yesterday.

Well worth the wait. It looks fantastic and triggers beautifully. The drum-tec head has almost exactly the same feel as the roland pads so it’s seamless going between them.

I love the playability of a full sized snare, it just feels better. Don’t be surprised if I come back next year asking you to make the rest of the kit to match it!




9th June … UK band Tytania … Charlie drummer


We used our new custom diamond drum kit and have to say this thing just sounds amazing.
The kit has had a lot of attention since we went on the road with it.
Sharp triggering with our 2 box module and it’s performing great on tour every night.
Highly delighted :-)  Tytania


10th June …Karl Seymour review

Here is the review of my new Diamond 13 x 6 Snare drum.
I was nervous unboxing my snare as i had always heard about how good Diamond drums were ,,,but never seen one, so was in hope that all was as good as the reputation it carried. I can safely say i had absolutely no need for concern whatsoever. The build quality is amazing. It looks like hands haven’t even touched it. Everything about it, is how a drum SHOULD look when new.
1st plug in was on a td 9. Very surprised, Triggered exceptionally well. virtually no hot spot at all. And the little that was there wasn’t too hard to dial out. with a little tuning, it responded very well.

Impressed as I was with it on the td 9, i decided to get to my td 30 and try that out.
all i can say is OMG, this thing is unbelievable. I’m used to playing on a Roland PD 128s, as i have only used Roland pads for the last 7 years. But have used and tried many others such as Yamaha, Pintech, Jobecky, and the Pearl E Pro. I would be safe to say, this Diamond snare has to be the best e drum i have ever played ,,,,response, positional sensing, triggering, was as accurate, if not better than any e drum i have ever used.

Setting up on the td 30 was close to just plug and play for me. With no hot spot whatsoever and excellent triggering, from the very edge to full velocity hits. Accuracy with rim shots and cross sticking was also very very good.

i have tried my hardest to find something negative about this drum but in all honesty ,,,,i can find nothing at all in any way shape or form. So all i can really say to conclude is this. This snare has to be as close to perfect as i have ever seen in any electric drum. Build quality, triggering, accuracy, everything. So a great big “WELL DONE” to Dave at Diamond for producing such an awesome piece of gear ,,, I would have no concerns about recommending Diamond drums to anyone who is looking at going electric, or even upgrading, and i am certainly looking forward, to getting the rest of my drums from him.